I love cooking, eating, food, and pretty much everything that ends in my tummy being full and happy.  So this makes Thanksgiving one of my very favorite holidays!   Cooking is definitely a hobby of mine, but as my little guy gets older, I find that I need my time in the kitchen to be shorter or I need a GREAT distraction.  Since Thanksgiving Day inevitably comes with a lot of time in the kitchen, I decided that this year I would come up with a great distraction!!!  I love the restaurants that have little things to entertain kids while you’re waiting, cause let’s face it, once the kiddos come, eating out just isn’t quite as glamorous as it used to be.  :)  One of my favorite’s is the Macaroni Grill because they ingeniously cover their tables with butcher paper and give the kids crayons to draw all over them.  AMAZING!  So this year we are patterning our Thanksgiving table as such and letting the kids go crazy!

My little guy loves to color, scribble, slap stickers on things, and pretty much use as many devices he can get his hands on to make his mark on something.  I’ve learned that the bigger the better when it come to what he draws on.  A little coloring book is ok, but if I get a huge piece of paper out for him, something about it is just much more thrilling.  I can just see his little face when he see’s  a whole table to his disposal! 

So tape on the butcher paper, bring out all your marking devices, and let your kids go wild!  I have done this before with kids to help them learn how to set the table.  If you have the time, you could definitely take the opportunity to teach a bit of manners and etiquette.  Draw a correct table setting and have the kids copy yours all around the table.  Then, when it’s time to set the table, they’ll know just where to put things.  Whether your table is a mess of scribbles or a perfectly patterned out table setting, I promise it will help your kids feel apart of cooking (without being in the way :)!

:) Brittany

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