With Christmas soon approaching, I have so many fun Christmas things I want to squeeze in!  We have tons of activities we still need to do like making our Christmas Candy Sleds, Christmas Shoes and Santa’s Elves, Indoor Snowball Fights, and tons more, but today I wanted to share some of our fun kid-friendly decorations that stay up all month long.  (Or if I’m really honest I usually can’t wait ’til after Thanksgiving to decorate so our Christmas decorations are usually up for two months…and Christmas music starts around Halloween…it sometimes drives my husband crazy :))

One of my favorite decorations is a rubber duck nativity scene.  My husband get’s me a different nativity every year and this was last year’s.  It’s ended up being one of my favorites because my little guy can play with it all he wants.  He loves it and it’s the first thing other kiddos go to when they come to our house!  

Next, was an addition we made to our decorations this year.  My friend had a big one up at her house and all the kids loved decorating and de-decorating this “tree”.  We cut out a big Christmas tree out of green felt and hung it on the wall.  I then took a bunch of felt I already had and made different ornaments with it:  snowflakes, a star, a candy, cane, a snow man, a gingerbread man, just pretty much anything that reminded me of Christmas.

Again, my little guy can play with this without any worries of anything breaking!  He loves it and it definitely makes Christmas decorations more fun for little ones when they can touch them ’til their hearts content.

This last one is my favorite and a long standing tradition in my family.  My mom would put an empty manger up at the beginning of December and our goal was to fill it with hay by Christmas Eve so that night the baby Jesus could lay in His manger.

A piece of hay can be placed in the manger for every act of service you do for someone in your family.  It really helped us to focus on the real meaning of Christmas and being kind to each other.  (Even if it was a mad dash of services one a day of two before Christmas.:))


I’d love to hear about any of your kid friendly decorations!  I definitely want to expand my collection, because let’s face it, it’s just not fun protecting your porcelain nativity all month long!  Have fun getting ready for Christmas!

:) Brittany