I am in love with activities that use items I already have at my house!  We are currently in “waiting for baby #2 mode” and some days I just feel a bit too big to go anywhere, so new games and activities we can play inside are awesome!  Now, I won’t judge you if you have no reason to not leave the house other than not wanting to get out of your PJs!  I won’t tell and let’s be honest, we all have those mommy days!  Right? So our first activity is simply making a treat bracelet out of a pipe cleaner and fruit loops.  My little guy really loves anything involving food, so this was right up his ally.  It is so easy and I promise it will entertain for at least 10 minutes, plus eating time!

Next up is one of my favorite activities: marshmallow and toothpick towers!  These are so easy to make, but so much fun!  Older kids will have a blast making these too.  You could even make it into a fun competition for your family like splitting into teams and seeing who can make their tower the biggest or the highest.  Whatever you choose to do, you can’t go wrong when you let your kids get creative with squishy balls of sugar.

As you could imagine, my little guy probably ate more marshmallows than what made it onto our tower!

It was a blast though!  And I love anything that gives me this adorable smile at the end!!!

Happy Home Day!

:) Brittany