Last year I did a post about making Valentines Day special for your Husband.  This year I want to brainstorm ideas of what we can do to make Valentines Day Special for our kids.  Sometimes I think it is hard to say “I love You” or to know how to show your love for someone.  So this is a great way to teach children about love and make some great memories with them.

  • Make a Valentines Box- When I was young my dad made me a Valentines Box for all the kids to put their Valentines in at school.  I beamed with pride as my friends admired this not so ordinary Valentines Box.  It was a heart carved of wood with a special lock on the hinged door and specially painted pink.  I still have this box in my collection of precious things.  So make your kid a Valentines Box.  Or better yet do it together!
  • Mailbox Chair Cover- I am in the process of making my own version of this which I will post later, but I thought this was a great way to bring love into the home this season.  Leave love notes or treats for each other in their own mailbox.
    Valentines Mailbox

  • Special Valentines Meals– A friend of mine decorates her table beautifully in the morning for their fancy dinner meal that they all anticipate all day.  Everyone has a place card and something she loves about them.  They bring out the candles, sparkling cider and she fixes them a fancy meal they all enjoy together.

  • Conversation Heart Love Notes– I really do not like eating conversation hearts but it is not Valentines without them.  So in our family we like to write love stories to each other with them.Conversation Heart Stories
  • Sugar Cookies- Sugar cookies really mean, lets spend time together… at least to Grandma
  • Homemade Decorations– My little girl had a blast coloring, cutting, and posting hearts all over the house.
  • Valentines Tea Party– There is very few things more girly and cutsie then a tea party and as you can see my little girl  is very into it right now.  So, we are going to get all dressed up, make some special treats, decorate the table, invite the grandmas and dollies and have a seriously cute tea party for Valentines Day.
  • Heart Attack- Write all the things you love about someone on paper hearts and then stick them all over their door.  While this is season-proof and everyone always loves this genuine surprise, it is just so fitting for Valentines Day too.
  • You Are Special Love Pox– So I saw this idea for LovePox and I thought it would be great to read You Are Special to your kids and explain that we all have our gifts and talents but really matters is what God thinks of us… then have fun sticking each other with dots just because.

  • Musical Hearts– I loved this idea because it does not involve treats and it involves lots of moving.  Great!

  • Valentines Worksheets–  It has been fun to work on our fine motor skills and brain development by cutting, pasting, and drawing everything hearts and valentines.  We printed these worksheets, then put them in sheet protectors and used dry erase markers so we can do them again next year.
  • Mirror Messages– Take dry erase markers and write a special love note to your kids on Valentines Day morning.  It washes off really easy and is a happy and simple addition to the day.Mirror Messages for Valentines
  • Heart On A String Scavenger Hunt– Some of us give our kids a little gift or treat on Valentines Day.  I thought thislooked like a fun way to find your gift.  Especially if you have more than one kid and give each child their own color to follow.

  • Secret Message Valentine– I love the excitement,  activity, and anticipation in this way of giving your kids a valentine.  Not only do they think it is awesome to have a secret message, but it creates time for you to spend together doing an activity.  I will defiantly try this next week.


Happy Valentines Day to everyone!  I would love to hear what you do with your family on Valentines Day!