Well, first I need to apologize for my little sabbatical.  Actually my two and a half month long sabbatical.  I’ve been a bit busy initiating this new cute guy into our family!  He was born on February 15th and we are so in love.

My plan was to only take a few weeks off from blogging.  For the first few weeks we were soaking in everything about our little love, trying to keep “kisses gone wild” under control with our two year old, and totally being spoiled by our family and friends.

(See what I’m talking about!  Love it though!)

Then, week three hit and wham…a little thing called COLIC!  It has been sooooo HARD.  Anyone who has a baby with colic, I FEEL FOR YOU!   My poor sweet guy is amazing, sweet, cuddly, wonderful, but he cries all the time.  Most of the time it seems to be gas, burps and other things (which are the usual symptoms of a colicky baby) but sometimes we wonder if he actually just inherited his mother’s high maintenance gene.  Ahhhh!  Mixed with trying to tackle a little boy in his terrific twos :)….let’s just say that there were a few days that all three of us were sitting and crying in time out.  So I needed to take a few more weeks off and we are still fighting the colic but it’s a lot easier.  Sweet baby smiles and is more interactive now, which makes us all happier.  He is super happy when you talk to him and most of the time loves being snuggled, but there is still a lot of crying.  Pretty much we’ve just all realized that crying is just apart of our day now, but I know he’ll grow out of it.  Oh and did I mention we also bought a house and moved into it last month.  Yes, we truly are crazy!

Anyways, I wanted to share with you some thing that has been my saving grace since having sweet baby #2….drum roll….

The Big Brother Box!

This sweet little box has been a lifesaver!  Before #2 was born I put together everything I would need for activities that #1 could do pretty much by himself.  Little did I know what a necessity this would be!!!  Each activity is in it’s own plastic baggy, so whenever I need to nurse or just want to feel like a fun mom, I let him pick out a bag and there he is, having a blast with very little effor ton my part!  (Genius if I do say so myself…..haha)

Most of the activities he can do himself, but some are for both of us.  Either way, it’s nice to have a list of fun things to do and not have to come up with something on a sleepless brain!

Here is the list of activities that I printed out and taped to the inside of the box:

  • Freeze toys in a big ice cube and let him chip away at it with a hammer or screw driver.

  • Put up streamers and let him climb/break through.

  • Cutting practice.

  • Make goo. (Shaving cream and cornstarch.)

  • Cardboard shape puzzle

  • Popsicle stick puzzle

  • Water Color Painting

  • Colored shaving cream in the bathtub.

  • Bubbles

  • Paper Bag Puppets

  • Sock puppets

  • Bird house

  • Finger pudding painting

  • Toilet paper roll trail

  • Plastic cup phones

  • Marble race track

  • Stickers

  • Color Wheel (print a color wheel and pin clothespins with corresponding colors.)

  • Pom pom container (Cut a hole in a plastic container and let them push the poms through.)

  • Poke pipe cleaners through holes in a plastic container.

  • Pool noodle stringing. (yarn and a pool noodle)

  • Lacing boards (poke holes in cardboard and let them string)

  • Masking tape obstacle course. (jump over, follow the line, summer-sault through)

  • Pasta necklace

  • Make a volcano explosion (baking soda and vinegar)

  • Band aids

  • Paint a wooden toy

  • glow in the dark bath

  • hoola hoop fort

  • fly swatter painting

  • write notes and hide them around the house for dad

  • clothespin hide and seek

  • bounce balls in a bowl

  • counting practice

  • beading

We have done almost every activity already and tons of them are things he wants to do over again.  (Sorry I don’t have more pictures, I blame everything on COLIC!)  This has been a lifesaver and would also work as a great baby shower gift for someone having #2!  All you have to do is throw the materials in a box.

What have you done to help siblings get used to new babies in the family?