The other day I realized that my #2 is almost three months old and we still don’t have a family picture with all of us in it.  Don’t get me wrong, we have TONS of pictures, but either me or my husband seems to always be on the other side of the camera.  Most of the time it’s me because I don’t actually know any husband who constantly is saying “Let’s take a picture!”  Haha.  We finally asked someone to take a picture of our family on a morning hike we took:

Now you all know what I look like when I get up in the morning.  Ahhhhh!  But at least I’m practicing what I preach and doing some good ole Family Recreation!  I am guessing your life of “Missing Momma” in pictures is probably the same as mine, so….in honor of May and Mother’s Day let’s capture a little bit of motherhood….

The Challenge:

With phones, ipads and cameras all around us, there are plenty of opportunities to snap a quick picture of our children every day.

How many times are YOU in the photo?

The goal is to get in the photo, post on your blog and Facebook OR share on Instagram or Twitter and hash tag your photo with #CapturingMotherhood!

Create. Play. Get in the moment, create the memory, capture and share!

Life is short. Enjoy it, show & share it especially with our little ones.

A Big Thanks to Shannon over at Bella Bean Photography for letting us join in on the fun she started on Instagram. Every Mom should be captured a little more!

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