Well, it’s a little after Father’s Day, but I couldn’t let it slip by too far without writing a little blurb on my dad.  My dad is amazing!  The kind of person who always makes you feel so good about yourself and what you are doing.  He is always thinking of others and constantly looking for ways to share what he has with them.  He is a solver and I have been so blessed to have his guidance and advice so much in my life!  He is so strong, not just muscles :), but so strong in his faith and the person he is.  He is one who cannot be swayed but stands for what he believes in no matter what.  he is such a hard worker and has always taken such great care of our family.  He always focused on our strengths and abilities and made me feel like I could accomplish anything. He is so funny and seriously makes me laugh every time I talk to him.  He has a way of making everyone feel comfortable when they are around him and welcome, even if they are a stranger in our home.  He is so good with people and the kind of guy that you can’t resist being friends with.   Now that he’s a grandpa to my kiddos, I love him even more.  He loves them so fiercely and would just do anything for them!  (Even let them put stickers all over his face and read books to them through dinner!)  I will eternally be grateful for my dad and so much of what I want to be as a parent and person, I’ve learned from him.

And of course, I couldn’t talk about dad’s without talking about my amazing husband!  He is such a perfect dad to our boys!  He is so much fun and can wrestle ’til those little boys can’t even breath their having so much fun!  He is such an amazing teacher, not only to my boys, but to me.  He is loving and is amazingly patient.  He makes little things fun and I’ve never seen a little boy scream so loud every day when he comes home from work.  It is seriously like Santa Claus just came through our door!  (And I guess he actually does…heehee).   He is is wonderful at helping our boys learn about God, being gentlemen, being kind, brotherly love, family, and all the other essentials in life.  He makes the most out of every moment he has at home and I am so grateful for each and every one of them.   I am so grateful to parent along side him!   I could not wish for a better man (Not to mention he’s drop dead gorgeous :).  Love him forever!!!

What do you love most about the dad’s in your life?  Did you tell them?  If not, go and do!

Hope you had a great Father’s Day!

:) Brittany