I feel like the older my oldest B gets, the funner it is to play together.  I mean, you can’t beat playing with baby, but I seriously can’t believe that life with my kids keeps getting more fun and better!  I love perusing Pinterest (some might call me an addict) for fun things to do with my  son.  The other day I came across an activity that I knew he would love!

We grabbed a big pan and filled it up with baking soda.  Then we took a bunch of different cups, filled them with vinegar, and I let him put different colors of food coloring in each one.  I grabbed a medicine dropper from the cabinet and let him go to town!

He loved it.  I mean seriously, mini explosions are up every little boy’s alley, right?  Just look at the pure glee…

Then this little thinker figured out that he could make a bigger explosion if he just dumped the whole cupful of vinegar into the pan.  Then he tried putting baking soda in the cups and it just became a huge mess (which if you have a problem with, you should read this post) but he absolutely loved it.  It seriously kept him busy for at least 45 minutes!  (That is a winner in my book!)  I love that all of these supplies are probably in your pantry already!  So go ahead get experimenting with these mini explosions!

I promise you’ll love it!

:) Brittany