First off I need to apologize for being so MIA the last 6 months.  Life has been CRAZY!  We just moved across the country from Boise to Boston, even though a few months ago we moved from Boston to Boise, and 9 month earlier we moved from Salt Lake to Boston.  I know make up your mind, right? So all the joys of being in transition (jobless and homeless) have winded down and we are finally getting settled.

This means I have been out playing hard with my kiddos every single day.  Play has been our stability.  I truly think our 3 yr old thinks home is anywhere we are together.  The place does not matter.   There is beauty in that.  No need to worry about stuff.   We have made so many memories and spent true quality time together, because we had nothing else to distract us.   No internet at times, no TV, or toys or couch or you name it.  Just each other out learning about the world.   I  have fallen so in love with our kids.  I could not choose better company or playmates.  Adventure has been our game.

We have love the simple life.  And HATED the simple life.  Routine and necessities (like table and chairs, a bed, pots and pans…) are not under estimated.  But piles of toys, drawers full of supplies, and nice things you have to tell your kids to be careful with are not.   Life is about our relationships, not our presentation or our collection of expenses.

Life is still hectic, (my husband got Lyme disease, E is discovering her sassy side, and T is into everything and screams for attention, and I still have a mound of boxes to sort through) so I am not promising anything yet.  But routine and stability is on the horizon.


…  just to name a few :)