I am a grab and go kinda girl.  I don’t like to plan to much, I just like to go.  I love anything spontaneous and adventurous.  When a friend says hey we were just heading to… I say, I am totally there.  So I need to be prepared to quickly pack snacks for my kids as we all know they don’t last more than 20 minutes without needing to refuel.  Typically this means a stash of fruit snacks and fishy crackers.  Which in my book is ok every once in a while when a friend shares it.  I am trying to get my kids use to all whole wheat and all different kinds of vegetables.  So here is a list of the healthy on the go snacks I have prepared in my house.  Most of them I have baked earlier and they hang out in the freezer until I am on the go.


So versatile, so healthy and so individually adaptable.  There are so many recipes I love and use from chocolate to beets I am not even gonna go there.  Here are just a few secrets I have learned about muffins:

  • Bran muffins you can sneak almost anything in there without tasting it.  So throw in the shredded carrots or juice pulp.
  • 100% whole wheat flour works with muffins.  Sometimes you need some all-purpose flour to give the right texture or taste, but muffins do great with whole grain.
  • Soaking grains I have entered the world of soaking your grains before you cook with them.  It is a crazy world that always leaves you asking, “do I just whip these up real quick or do I soak and wait a day?”  The basic reason to soak your grains is because of phytates.  Phytates prevent us from digesting all the nutrients in the grain.  But if you soak your grains in an acidic medium the phytates release.  There is much more info on soaking your grains and how to.
  • You don’t need a special recipe for add ins.  Use your basic muffin recipe and throw in the blue berries, bananas, nuts. zucchini or whatever.


Ne explanation needed.  But this is my fav chocolate chip cookie recipe lately (with half the sugar).  When they are made with evaporated cane sugar, good oils and whole wheat flour you don’t feel so bad eating 5 at a time.  :)

Breakfast Cookies– I don’t think of these as a cookie and I don’t eat them for breakfast.  They have no sugar, just a little bit of pure maple syrup and it is more like eating oatmeal on the go than cookies.


Right when I get home from the grocery store I spend a few minutes washing and chopping some fresh veggies.  I peal and chop a bunch of carrots, wash my celery and wrap in tin foil so it last longer, wash and cut some cucumber and peppers (ya those are our typical veggies).  Then I throw a mixture in a ziplock or tupperware that I can grab for the park or whatever.

Veggies and Hummus- Our favorite dip for veggies.  You can buy hummus in small on the go containers, or if you make your own just throw a scoop in a baggie and dip it that way.

Ants on a log- This old childhood favorite is still alive!  Celery with peanut butter(natural) in the middle and raisins on top.


Apples and Peanut butter are a year round favorite.  But right now we can not get enough watermelon :)

Banana Chips- Dehydrated fruit is clean, healthy, and ready to go.


Call me crazy, but this is a clean, quick, and filling snack.  We usually have pancakes (whole wheat of course, and usually soaked) in our freezer for quick breakfasts (just pop one in the toaster).  But as a snack there is no syrup, just the sweet goodness of whole wheat and honey.

Trail Mix

I love mixing our own assortment of nuts, dried berries, coconut, chocolate chips, pumpkin seeds or whatever we happen to have in the cupboard that day.


Obviously this is a” must eat right now” snack.  But we use it all the time as we are hoping into the stroller or car seat.  Popsicles at out house come in one color- green.  My husband makes killer green smoothies every morning with spinach (lots of it), kale, banana, rasberries, strawberries, blue berries, blackberries, pineapple (whatever fruit you can find), orange juice concentrate, and greek yogurt.  We take the left overs and pour it into popsicle molds and freeze.  So far our kids have not complained, but do look at me funny when they get offered a bright blue or red popsicle at a friend’s house.


And the list goes on, but these are my current healthy snacks on the go.  I often get sick of some and replace it with something more exciting.

I would love to hear what you do in your home.  What works?  We are all on the quest to get as much nutrients into our kids as possible while maintaining some sanity.