A few weeks ago we were at a family reunion for my husband’s family and it was a blast!  I absolutely loved how much my little guys loved their cousins.  It was pretty much non stop fun and they both slept most of our 7 hour drive home!

We all had a blast with no planning required, but we did plan some pretty fun things too!  We hit the beach, we got to go to Universal Studios, we played cards, and of course, what’s a family reunion without a good ole’ Family Olympics?!  I just couldn’t pass up a little friendly competition so we split the family in half and did 10 events in our Olympics.

  1. Who was It?  We started off with a little family trivia about all the aunts and uncles.  I asked each one beforehand to think of something about them that even their kids might not know.  It ended up being a blast and all the kids got to learn a little bit more about each of us.
  2. The Human Knot  Next, we did a little warm up with the human knot.  Everyone on each team got in a circle and reached across to hold another person’s hand.  They then raced to unwind themselves without letting go.
  3. Relay Races  We had blast doing Relay Races including crab walks, disco ducks, jumping on one leg, and wheelbarrow races.
  4. Group Rock, Paper, Scissors  We had a big Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament where the person who lost had to become the cheerleader for the person they lost to.  At the end we had two huge groups behind the last contenders yelling for them and it was so much fun!
  5. Hole in the Bucket  Needing to cool off a bit now, we got into two lines with a bucket of water in the front and an empty bucket in the back.  Each team had a cup with holes in the bottom and had to fill it with water and pass it back over their head to the next player as fast as you can to get the most water in the empty bucket at the end of the line.
  6. Pie Eating Contest I mean, what’s an Olympics without a Pie Eating Contest?!
  7. Slackline Races  This is one of our family’s favorite toys and it’s a blast to see who can get across the quickest (or at all).  Read this post to read all about Slacklines!
  8. Egg Toss
  9. Cherry Pit Spit  Everybody grabs a cherry, eats everything but the pit, and whoever spits it out the farthest wins!  Simple, but oh so fun!
  10. Spider Web  I took some twine and strung it between two trees to create a spider web.  We timed each team and saw how fast they could get everyone through the web.  The trick is:  they can’t touch the web and everyone must go through a different hole.  Perfect teamwork activity!

In the end we had a big fat tie, but more importantly, everyone had a blast!  The kids loved it. The best thing was when my nephew called his mom, who wasn’t able to be there.  She asked about a movie we saw in the afternoon and he told her it was great but “Mom…We did the Thompson Family Olympics!” And proceeded to tell her all about it.  A little bit of planning required, but totally worth it!  Everything you need is most likely at your house, so go ahead and plan your own Olympics!!!

:) Brittany