Ester won stickers and had a blast putting stickers on everyone at the reunion.

This has been a tradition at Tanner Family Reunions since I can remember.  I would spend hours trying to count all the little candies inside and even then I usually low-balled it by like 100.  I remember the feeling of complete excitement and thrill when my name got called and I had won a jar of candy.

All you need to do is get some jars or containers (sometimes I want the containers more than whatever is inside) and label them 1 through ??  Then you count how many pieces are in each jar.  The guests will have a paper numbered with the amount of jars and a blank next to it where they will put their guess.  Each person simply guessed how many are in each and turns their paper in.

Daniel was overjoyed to win this puzzle. The suspense was beyond what he could handle, but when his name was called it was pure joy.

This does take some prep work but is so fun.  I love this activity because it can play whatever role you need.  It can be an ice breaker at a party.  Something that is there ready for your guests to participate in as soon as they arrive and while everyone else trickles in.  It can be a filler activity for in between events or meals.  It can be used as free time activities so you still feel like your family/friends are being entertained or involved.

Brian shared his much envied pop rocks with all the nieces and nephews.

It also can be used with EVERY age level.  Despite its simplicity it can teach children and adults about sharing and giving, support and disappointment.

The jars do not need to be filled with candy or even food if you are not into that.  We have often done water balloons or puzzle pieces or hair clips or bouncy balls.  One of my favorites this year was glitter glue sticks with foam flowers to decorate.