On our way out-of-town we would sometimes stop at WINCO growing up.  My dad would have everyone guess a number between 1300- 5000.  Then he would go to the bins (WINCO has a large section of bulk food in bins and each bin has a number) and round our number to the closest number he could find.  Sometimes it was dog food, sometimes skittles.  It was a high anxiety game for us because whatever we got would be our treat for the rest of the vacation.  My siblings remember getting things like cake mix that we made into a cake later or oatmeal that we all shared for breakfast.

This game turned into lessons about sharing, because those who won dried pinto beans were very disappointed and those who had chocolate covered raisins were very happy.  But usually the good things were volunteered to be shared around the car and we all had a laugh and enjoyed together.

I think my dad liked the element of handling disappointment and not always having to be a winner.  I agree that it is a very important skill to learn while you are young.  As is sympathy and sharing with your siblings.  And what goes around comes around: if someone chose not to share then they would not get some of another siblings candy when it came around.

We played this game recently at our Dad Day Celebration, and it was so fun to find what everyone got at WINCO and then to announce it at our reunion was hilarious.  Even for the adults the anticipation was high.  Afterwards all of the cousins walked around sharing or bartering their treats.  Those who initially were disappointed ended up to be overwhelmed by the kindness of their cousins.