Can I just start out by saying that I LOVE having boys!  They just make my life so much fun.  I love how messy and sticky and dirty they always seem to be!  Thank heaven for little boys!  (I don’t have any girls yet but I’m positive I’ll feel just as in love when they come.  :)  Today my boys attacked me with kisses that were much more slobbery than anything.  It was hilarious and then we decided that we needed to do something messy so we decided to make blubber!  Thanks to Juggling With Kids for giving us a great recipe to work with!  Here’s the concoction we think works best:

We started by putting a teaspoon of Borax (can be found in the laundry section) in a medium sized bowl and then stirring in a 3/4 cup of hot water.

In another bowl, we mixed together a cup of Elmer’s white glue, another 1/2 cup of hot water, and a bunch of blue food coloring.  (Blue is currently the very favorite color of my #1.  Everything must be blue!)  Next, you pour the borax mixture into the blue glue mixture and mix it together.  Mix with your hands (all part of the messy fun) until you get a great blubbery consistency.  If it’s too runny you can make and add more of the borax water solution.  If it seems like the blubber is in a puddle of blue water then just pull the blubber out and pour the extra water down the sink.

Just look at that face!  This stuff is a blast!  We rolled it out, bounced it on the table, got out some cookie cutters and tried to cut out some gooey shapes before they blubbed away.  I think our favorite was letting the blubber stretch thin and then sticking our face into the blubber.  My little guy was cracking up!!!

Have fun!

:) Brittany