If you have never played group rock, paper, scissors…you have not really lived.  But don’t worry, I am going to explain it right now so you can grab your family, friends, anyone who you can find and go play as soon as you finish reading.  Believe me, you will want to!  We recently played this at a family reunion and it was a blast!  It’s also a perfect game for a family night or a youth group and there are actually two ways to play….

Group Rock, Paper, Scissors #1

The first way, you have everyone pair up and do a regular round of rock, paper, scissors.  Whoever wins in each pair goes on to the next round and whoever loses becomes the cheerleader to the winner.  The winner finds another winner and does another round of rock, paper, scissors while their cheerleader cheers them on from the back.  The winner of this round moves on and they now have three people cheering for them.  You keep going until in the end, you have two people going up against each other with a bunch of cheerleaders cheering them on.  What a self esteem booster!  Love it!

Group Rock, Paper, Scissors #2

The second way to play is to split everyone into two teams.  You need to create a middle line and then a boundary for each team equally as far from the middle line.  This boundary is that team’s “safe line”.  You decide as a team what you want to do (rock, paper, or scissors) and then go stand two steps from the middle dividing line.  You yell out “Rock, Paper, Scissors!” as a team and then throw out which one you decided to do.  The team who wins chases the losing team to their boundary line.  If someone on the winning team tags a person on the losing team before they get to their boundary, they are now on the other team.  You can play as many rounds as you want (unless everyone ends up on the same team :).  At the end, the bigger team wins!

Ok, now you can go out and start really living!

:) Brittany