Today my cousin asked if I give my boys baths every day.  I started laughing as my youngest was covered in avacado from eyelash to toe and my oldest had food, dirt, and I will just stop there because when a little boy is learning how to go potty on his own, it gets pretty dirty.  So, needless to say, I feel that I have no choice but to bath both of my kids every night!  Due to this fact, packing for vacation is quite an ordeal.  I not only need to bring outfits for every day but backup outfits for all the crazy spills and unmentionable things that get on their clothes.

This summer I became quite the expert packer for my littles.  Here’s how:

All I did was grab a ton of gallon ziplocks.  I put their clothes into categories like PJs, Shirts, Underwear, Etc. and filled each bag with each type of clothing.

It was so easy to grab what I needed and find it quickly in our suitcases.  It was so much better than hunting for a little shirt or pair of socks in the confines of a messy suitcase.

If you have older kids, I would put one outfit in each bag complete with underwear and socks.  That way they can pull out a bag every day and have everything they need.  I’ll take anything that makes it easier to keep my messy boys clean!

:) Brittany

P.S.  While we are potty training (and pretty much the whole year afterward) I keep a large ziplock with an extra pair of underwear and sweat shorts in it in my purse.  It’s small and a perfect place to put any soiled undies.  This has saved us many times!!!