I have realized over the last few months that I often don’t actually taste my food.  This may seem like a strange statement, especially coming from a lover of food such as myself, but it is.  I think it started around the time my second little guy was born.  I just feel so busy and involved in feeding three other hungry mouths (yes, I include my hubby) that most of the time I feel like I have about 10 seconds to eat before someone will need me to stop eating to do something for them.  I KNOW I am not alone in this feeling.  I am sure many of us mommas have had our fair share of cold meals because eating when it was warm, for us, was just not going to happen.  Now that my second little guy is feeding himself I occasionally have meals that I do not need to inhale, but the funny thing is, it’s a habit.  I find myself scarfing down my food so fast without a thought of how it tasted, whether I was full or not, and because I’m still nursing I usually ere on the side of still hungry (to the dismay of my postpartum waistline…Boo!).

The other day after such a meal was annihilated, I realized what I was doing and started thinking about what other things I might be doing without actually “tasting” them.  My life is seriously filled with so many seemingly insignificant moments that happen to mean the world to me, and am I actually taking the time to breath them in, take a mental picture, and just enjoy?

A few weekends ago we had a lazy Saturday at home.  We had all just gone swimming and were relaxing on the back porch.  I was holding my baby who had just fallen asleep in my arms and my two year old was trying to ride his tricycle through the forest of our back yard, while he was completely naked.  My husband and I were laughing as we were listening to country (what else is there? :)  and I stopped to just take a mental picture.  I could not be happier than at this moment.  No amount of money, fame, or possession could possibly beat this moment and I realized how truly blessed we are.  I need to do that more.

My littlest is learning to crawl and every time he looks up to see me, he has this look on his face like I just told him he gets to have popsicles for dinner for the rest of his life…every time.  I have to stop and take it in.  My oldest is talking up a storm and he is so funny!  He is so helpful and it melts my heart that he can make his brother laugh harder than both my hubby and I.  I can’t help but stop and listen.  I really need to write it down!  I am so grateful for these moments and I am confident there are many that I have missed because I was too busy to “taste” the moment.  I realized I want to taste as much of my life as I can, so…. I think I’m going to slow down a little bit more, savor the bites, and try to actually taste the food I’ve spend so much time making!  How about you?

:) Brittany