Growing up we always had “Corn Days.”  My mom would buy bags of corn that we would shuck, cook, slice and store for the rest of the year.  It was also the day that we were allowed to eat as much corn on the cob as our heart desired.  Not sure if Cord Days inspired this to be my favorite food or if corn on the cob was my favorite already and that is why I loved this day.

Our little family is now quickly adapting “Apple Days” to our family traditions that we look forward to all year round.  This is what our family Apple Days involved this year:

Giving Tree Apple Picking
  • Apple Stirring (as Ester calls it)  

I have come to realize that one of these apple slicer, peeler, corer things are a necessity for Apple Days.  E loves it and insists on doing ALL the apples (you can see how T feels about that).  The best part of Apple Days is the unlimited amount of fresh apples to eat.  No limit- eat as much as you can!  

Apple Traditions

  • Apple Crisp Party- This year the party involved me, E, and T.  But next year I am going to invite a group of friends to join in.  Everyone will have an assignment and together we could make a plethora of apple crisps to freeze and eat year round.  This year  I made 8 apple crisps to put in the freezer and one to eat fresh that night.
Apple Traditions
  • Apple Sauce This maybe our favorite.  We put about 10 peeled-cored-sliced apples (cut in half)  in a crock pot.  We like at least 3 different kinds of apples in each batch.  Sprinkle like 1/8 cup of sugar and like 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon on top.  Let cook on low for 4ish hours.  I like it when half the apples are totally mashed and half as soft but still have shape.  Mix up.  We love to eat it hot with a little scoop if vanilla ice cream : )
  • Apple Meals:  Apple Chilli, Apple Muffins, Apple German Pancakes…
  • Apple Chips (dehydrated apples)- I am hoping our collection will last all year but by the rate we are going maybe we will make it to Christmas.  I never knew how easy it was to dehydrate fruit.  E pretty much took it over.  I walked down stairs the other day and she had turned off the dehydrator and put all the Apple Chips into a baggie all by herself.


Love up them Apples!!