My oldest is three on Wednesday and I can’t even believe it!  He is so much fun!  He is loving, funny, silly, obedient, crazy, smart, and many other things that would take me hours to list but he really is an amazing little boy.  Over my three years of being a mommy, I have learned a lot but one of the things I have learned, that I love, is how easy it is to turn an ordinary thing into an absolute blast!  I love that my little guys think every new thing is an adventure, and thought today I would share:


1.  Be someone else.  Whether it’s a change in your voice, a costume, or a silly song, making believe you are someone else is a blast!  Just look at that little face!  Dressing up or putting on a simple mask is one of my little guy’s favorite things to do.  It is so great for their imagination and if you’ll play too, it makes it even better!2.  Make food fun!  Pancakes may be a part of your weekly routine, but what about Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes?  This is so simple and yet, kids go nuts over fun food!  There really isn’t a better way to get them to eat every bite!

3.  Make something out of a box, blankets, or even grandma’s suitcase!  Kids are so good at making things into things they aren’t.  With a little help from you, they will be playing for hours in their space shuttle/fort/race car/etc.

4.  Use props.  Whether it’s a curling iron as a microphone or a piece of material around your head to make you a Kung-foo ninja warrior.  Making things into props is so much funt and it actually makes doing things like chores a little more fun.  Does my ninja warrior band on my head make me feel really cool?  Why… yes, it does…

5.  Make treats!  There’s not an easier way to make a day amazing than making treats!  I remember the awesome feeling of walking into my house when I came home from school and smelling fresh baked brownies.  Not a better smell in the world!  (Except maybe if your wearing a Kung-Foo Ninja headband while smelling them! :)

So here are some quick ideas for you to turn an ordinary day into one that’s extraordinary!  And don’t forget the thing that kids love to do the most…HELPING YOU!  So even if it takes longer to make those delicious cookies…

Now go out and have an extraordinary day tomorrow!!!