My best friend throws the best Halloween Parties I know.  I just wish we lived closer than our 20 hour drive we are at now.

She is so fun.  Sometimes when I am just letting Halloween pass me by I think of her and try to get into it.  Because even though it is not my holiday, everything is more fun when you put effort into it.   We went to a cute little Halloween party today, which was mainly focused of babies, but I was craving Halloween games.  I am learning that not every party is centered around games like mine.

If you are thinking about a last-minute Halloween party here are some of her ideas/tips:
In past years we’ve had around 60 people over but this year we decided to keep it small and did about 30.  We had everyone bring food, a few people brought crockpots of soup, bread bowls, a salad and a few deserts. Oh and always homemade root beer!
The game I love the most is donuts on a string! We love to play with each couple having one donut so you have to work together with your spouse. It makes it super funny! We had 4 couples go at a time. This year we let the kids do donuts too but I think I’d get them mini donuts next time because it was pretty hard for them to finish.
Other years I have done a cake walk and piñata for the kids. This year we had the kids play musical chairs with spooky Halloween music. Last year we also did a bunch of minute to win it games with the adults like wrapping each other in toilet paper like a mummy.
I think it’s so fun to have a costume contest. Have everyone vote on best costume and best family costume and print off certificates.
This year we had a carmel apple bar so everyone could make their own. We had apples, carmel, white chocolate, cinnamon sugar, crushed Oreos, butterfingers. Super yummy!  Last year we had Oreo spiders, witch fingers, little witch hats, ghost cookies…
We had adults and kids but just adults or just kids would be really fun. We had a Halloween movie playing for the kids so we could do our games.
We decorated with Halloween stuff we have collected through the years. I did not go over the top with the costume this year, just some basic fake grillz, I had just as much fun. Ty made a spider this year out of a milk jug wrapped in black duct tape and foam pipe protectors for legs. It was huge and sweet!! We put red light bulbs on our porch.  Black lights in all our lamps, I put little orange candles in mason jars with Halloween ribbon wrapped around the top. I also put lots of orange and purple twinkle lights everywhere!