We have been exploring different ways to teach gratitude to our kids this month.  As well as remember all the blessings we have.   Even with the Gratitude Activity Jar we have been doing everyday, it is easy to get back into the normal routine and demands of the day.

Tonight a friend of ours told the kids the story of the 10 lepers found in Luke 17:11-19.  Jesus went into a village and there were 10 lepers standing back a ways because Leprocy is very contagious and they were not welcomed into the community.  They yelled to Christ saying, “Master, have mercy on us.”  Christ told them to go to the Priest.  And as they went they found that they were healed.  One of the Lepers ran back to Christ and fell at his feet and thanked him for healing him.  But the other nine did not.

10 lepers gratitude night

Then the kids each chose a character and acted it out.  They had so much fun getting wrapped in toilet paper and preforming.

We then speculated how that 1 leper felt and how the rest of his life must of been compared to the 9 who did not give thanks.  We thought of why we do not give thanks.  And why we get busy, or preoccupied, or embarrassed to say thank you.

10 lepers gratitude night

Then we played a spin off of Thanksgiving Loaded Questions.  First everyone wrote on a piece of paper what they were grateful for.  Then we took turns drawing from the bowl and acting out whatever was on the piece of paper. When we figured out what they were acting we would then guess who was grateful for that thing.

It was a great November Evening spent together.