Last night we cuddled up on the couch together and took turns discussing what we were thankful for.  As someone brought up an item I jotted them down on little pieces of paper.  We then thought of an activity we wanted to do as a family this month to remind us of this great blessing we have.  I put the papers in a jar and we will draw one out everyday leading up to Thanksgiving.

I am hoping these family activities will help there be a spirit of gratitude in our home that is much to often filled with “I want,” “mine” and “more.”  Not sure the best way to teach your kids to see all the goodness and blessings in their life, but I am hoping the gratitude activity jar will help.

Gratitude Activity Jar

Tonight E drew the paper that said, “I am grateful for babies: go visit a baby.”  She was thrilled as this was one of her very own ideas.  We hoped in the stroller and brought some homemade apple sauce to a sweet baby down the street.   Here are some of the other ideas we came up with, but I am sure you can think of better ones that apply to your family:


Mommy- Clean house while mommy takes a bath

Tanner- get all the balls out and play

Warm House-  Cuddle in blankets and watch a short movie (wanted to go volunteer at a homeless shelter but have not figured it out yet)

Good Food- deliver treats to neighbors

Daddy- art project with dad

Ester- dress ups and tea party

Legs- run and jump outside

Heavenly Father- Every family member say a prayer one right after the other

Grandparents- Draw and send a picture

Scriptures- Memorize a scripture together

Pictures- Take silly family pictures

Blankies- blanket rides and tent

Sunlight- take pictures in the sunlight

Eyes- Blind fold game/ I spy game

Plants- plant tulips for spring

Toys- collect toys to donate

Hands- make hand turkeys/ playdough

Body- Family work out/ family walk

Babies- visit a new baby

Friends- Every family member tell a friend thank you

Learning- learn names of everyone in ward

Life- say 5 things you are grateful for and do 1 act of service

Books- book reading party


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