I am kind of a geeky mom.  Sometimes I look frumpy, I have the craziest dance moves, I make up my own songs, and the funny faces just come so naturally I can’t help it!  Today preschool was at our house and I had all six three year olds in a little circle.  I was leading songs and being silly and I realized that most of the kids were looking at me like I was a little weird, but my son was laughing and being just as silly.  He was looking at me like I was the coolest mom ever, and boy am I lucky to have such a fun little boy!  I know this unconditional coolness I seem to have with him probably won’t last long, but I will totally take it!!!  I also love how easy it is to have fun with him and I wanted to share a recent little activity I stole from an seriously cool mom, Melissa…..

All you need is tape, toilet paper or paper towel tubes, and little puff balls.  Just like those really cool (expensive) PVC pipe tunnels you’ve seen; these turn out exactly the same.  I cut a few of the tubes in half so you could see the cotton balls.  Just drop the balls into the top and line up your tunnels, so they catch them just right.

We set up a little bucket at the bottom and my little guy loved filling it up!  He also loved trying to put the tunnels in different directions and changing where the balls fell out.

This was so much fun and used things we already had around the house!  Just look at this face, having a ball…