I have many memories of delivering goodies to neighbors and friends at Christmas time.   Each child (and there are 6 of us) got to choose a couple of friends to deliver treats to.  Then there was our ward members, school friends, coaches, teachers, neighbors, co workers…  This was a big job.  I remember my mom working for days to get all the treats prepared.  We would have nut clusters and fudge and Christmas wreaths and white cookies and peanut brittle.  It was fabulously delicious.  We would line the table and the entire floor in the family room with paper plates and then start assembling.  When all was done we would load up our big van and with the treats and spend hours delivering Christmas cheer while my mom stayed home and started on the clean up.  It was something I looked forward to every year but only now do I begin to understand the stress and head ache of this tradition for my mom.

So I have this dilemma.  I want to deliver treats to my neighbors at Christmas time, but I don’t want to start a tradition that I have to continue if it is going to be exhausting.  So I really don’t know what we will do in the future, but this year we kept it simple and did everything from start to finish in one evening.  The best part was that my kids did most of the work.  This is great for obvious reasons but also I wanted them to be involved and feel the joy of giving.

Kid Friendly Neighborhood Christmas Goodies

So we made kettle popcorn and those pretzel Hersey kiss things.  All and all we spent $8 on 20+ bags of quick and easy goodies (we did have some supplies already).

Kid Friendly Neighborhood Christmas Goodies

Kettle Corn:

1/4 cup oil ( I prefer coconut oil)

1/4 cup sugar

1/2 cup popcorn kernels

We have one of those old fashion Whirley pops you put on your stove.  We did 5 batches for our bags.

Kid Friendly Neighborhood Christmas Goodies

Chocolate Pretzel Bites:

1 bag of pretzels

2 bags of Hersey kisses

1 small bag of Christmas M&Ms (or you can just pick out the red and green ones like we did).

Turn oven on to 170 degrees (or as low as your oven can). Line your cookie sheet with pretzels.  Put one Hersey kiss on each one.  Put in oven for 5 minutes.  Take one M&M and squish down the Hersey kiss.  Put the whole cookie sheet in the freezer for a quicker set up.

This is the Christmas article I attached with my goodies this year.  It is a great insight into Joseph and Mary and how they must have felt.  And of course attached my family newsletter:  Briggs Family Blessings in 2013