Happy New Year!  I hope your holidays have been as wonderful as ours.  We were blessed to be able to be with family for Christmas and on top of that we had SNOW which is pretty exciting for us Arizona folks.  My boys licked it, rolled in it, threw it, and pretty much made it a part of themselves as much as they could.  So fun!

Here’s a pic of the excitement:


(As you can see, Baby B, was not quite as excited about sledding as the other two.  He gets taken on one too many activities that end in small disasters.  I guess maybe part of the little brother!)

I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of our history and those who’ve come before us lately.  I was recently able to read a book my mom wrote about her struggle with cancer which was so inspiring.  After reading, I felt closer to both of my parents, felt like I understood them better, and loved them even more.  Things I really didn’t know would happen when I started reading.  After that, I decided I need to come to know my family, those who have passed on and those still living, better than I do.


I’ve started this Christmas with a present to my Dad and my Father in Law.  Before my Mom’s Dad passed away I remember my Mom making a personal history book for him.  She glued a question to the top of each page in a notebook and had him write the answer below it.  Using that as a springboard, I grabbed notebooks that I could add more paper too in case a question takes up more than a page and paper.  Then I went in search of questions.  I found an amazing list of personal history questions at the This Is Me Challenge blog.  I then added a few of my own and some of them are specific to things I know and want to hear more about for each person.

Here are a few of my favorite questions:

*What are some lessons you learned from you parents?
*What was your earliest memory?
*What games did you play as a child?

*How did you learn how to drive?  What kind of car did you have?

*What are some life lessons you learned early on? What choices did you make that affect where you are now?

*How did you meet your spouse?  Was it love at first sight or did it take some time?

*What are some funny things that each child does/did or says/said?
*What do you love most about each child?  What are their strengths?

*What are some of your personal and family traditions for each holiday? 

*Where was your favorite vacation?

*What kind of personality do you have? 

*How do you balance all that you need to do?

I am so excited to not only have these histories for me, but for my children to read and really get to know and learn from their amazing grandparents.  While doing this, I thought about how great this challenge would be for myself as well!  New Years Resolution?

How do you keep your personal history?  Have you had any great experiences reading and learning about the experiences of your parents, grandparents, or ancestors?