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DEANA BRADEN (I thought this posted on Friday but lo and behold it did not.  Sorry for the late post.)

So one day I spoke in church and caused enough ruckus that an editor of this book (and my friend) asked me to hurry quick and write a last-minute essay for this book about sister missionaries.  It has been a new experience and super cool thing to be a part of.  I feel like shouting, “I’m an author” but not really, just an author of a small part of one book.  I wrote about how an optimistic perspective can be a shield as you meet challenges.  I used my Dad and Grandma as inspiration.

Here is snippet from the story I shared:

He was a brand new mission president…he did not speak English.I automatically assumed that we were going to be the best of friends.  Naturally, why would it be any other way?…I saw a small Asian man and his wife standing in the hall.  Without waiting for my logic to catch up with my excitement I dropped my 10 pound stack of scriptures and flashcards to the floor and full on sprinted in his direction.  I can still see him stepping back with a look of bewilderment on his face as I approached.  When I got to him my arms knew nothing else but to throw themselves around this man and hug him with all my might and not let go. ..

If you want to read the rest you gotta buy the book!!!

So excited to get my copy and read about all of the real and true experiences that others had on their missions.  I would get snippets of stories as I ran with Jenn about the ups and downs and funny things that happen when you compile a book like this.  I think the stories are going to be so familiar that I feel the pain and bask in the joy of mission experience.

If you know anyone who has served a mission for the LDS church, they will love this book.  Or if you know a sister that has been called to serve or is wondering if they want to serve, this would be a great gift.  Today is BOOK RELEASE DAY!!!  You can buy it at Barnes and Noble, Deseret Book, Seagull Book or online at Amazon.

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