My Baby is turning ONE on Friday and I can’t even believe it! I really feel like I just had him and he seems like such a baby still to me. I’m sure part of it is that my oldest seems so big! It’s amazing how their little personalities shine right through. My three year old LOVES to make people laugh, he loves playing with his brother, he is such a sweetheart and he is seriously has such a fun personality…part of which includes a little stubborn streak….Umm….He gets that from both sides :(. Well, I don’t know about you other moms of two but sometimes it’s hard just disciplining only one child. I mean my baby can’t really do anything wrong yet but I am always wanting to be cautious that my three year old doesn’t feel like I’m just getting at him all the time. After listening to a great podcast over at the Power of Moms, I decided to implement a PR JAR (Positive Reinforcement Jar but my son just calls it his fuzzy jar).


What we ended up doing was having him decorate a big canning jar and it stays on the counter so it’s pretty easy to remember. Close to the jar is a bag of those fuzzy puff balls. Each time my son makes a good decision, says something in a really nice way, shares, or is just being great, I tell him he can go get a fuzzy and put it in a jar. I try not to bribe him with it since I more want to catch him doing good but I admit, I sometimes have fallen prey to the bribe! Once B fills the jar, he gets to decide something fun to do or a treat like Slurpies with dad or frozen yogurt. This first time it took a good four days to fill the jar and he knew exactly what he wanted…


Yea! It’s huge! But hey, he seriously earned it! Once we get a treat, we pour out the jar and start over. I have LOVED this and it has seriously worked so well! I feel like there has been less time outs and way more good things going on. I think part of it is because HE is trying to be a little better and I am sure that more of it is that I am looking for and pointing out all the great decisions he is making!

Just look at the awesome sharing going on here…

Want to focus more on the positive thing going on in your family? Grab a jar! You’ll love it!

:) Brittany