It has been a long winter.  I mean here we are in the end of March with snow flurries and winds that makes it feel like 15 degrees outside.  I have been hibernating in my little 2 bedroom apt in Boston with my 2 kids for long enough.  Not to mention that after all Christmas fun wore off I was alone with morning sickness.  That’s right- we have another dear little boy coming into our family in August.

I finally feel like time is starting to roll.  And I don’t think it will stop rolling until the end of the summer.   There are a few of my favorite things ahead: tulips, Easter, my birthday, general conference, and visitors!  So I am ready to put the insanity behind me and buy some tulips (which I did yesterday).

Call it morning sickness or call it cabin fever but when my floor is covered in tiny little strangers (toys) that don’t have a home (drawer) or a purpose besides driving me crazy- I want to scream or throw up (but not at the same time).   So I finally did something about it this week.  I found boxes, labeled them 1-5 and filled them with toys.  Well actually my kids did most of the sorting.  They loved it and carefully packed each box in anticipation to when they would open it again.

Toy Rotating System

I tried to make sure that each one had something exciting for E and T.  They each had a game, a stuffed animal, a baby, a car (the best Traxxas RC cars), a craft, a ball and then filled with random toys.    We left the big toy and the very most popular toys out- like basket ball hoop, dress ups, blocks… Even those I am tempted to rotate in.


So here is the plan.  Every other month we will get a box from the basement.  Have a great time discovering the toys we had forgotten about.  Then fill the box with toys that were already upstairs.  Close the box up and put it down stairs to be rotated in with the other boxes.  That way we see these toys one time a year for 2 months.  We love it, get a lot of play time with it, then see ya later.

So far it feels so good.  I don’t hyperventilate every time I hear the blocks spill all over the floor because I know it is not mixed into all the other toys and will be a quick clean up.  My kids have not felt deprived and have more than enough to play with even though they have 1/6th of their toys.

I know this is such a first world problem.  But hey- problem solved.