If you are not automatically singing the rest of the song when you just read the title, “Let It Go” then you must somehow be able to keep media out of your life completely.  My little guy is absolutely in love with Disney’s Frozen.  We don’t even own the movie and he knows all the names, all the songs, and we have watched “Let It Go” in so many different forms on You Tube that I can’t even count!  Next week we get to go visit my parents and B and I have made a chain so he would know how many days we have left.  He called my mom to let her know how many days until we go and here’s how the conversation went:

B: Grammy I’m coming to your house
Me: I know! Grammy is so excited!
B: Can I watch Brother Bear at your house?
Me: Yes you can. And do you know what else Grammy bought?
B: What?
Me: Frozen
B: Grammy, I’m going to love you forever!

So there we have it….the key to winning his heart!  I actually really liked the movie myself and I’ve read a few different interpretations on what the underlying messages are.  I think like any artistic piece, the message is probably different for everyone, but lately “letting go” has been really important for me.  I think as moms we often get so caught up in the specific details we want to be just right, sometimes we forget that some things just don’t really matter that much when we look at the big picture.  I, for one, can very easily get caught up in all the little details.  Recently we’ve been remodeling our house and my nice little home has looked like this…


And this…


And this…



Although the end product will be wonderful.  It has definitely pushed my very neat and orderly buttons to try and live on a cement floor with half our furniture in the garage and dust on everything we own.  It has been really important for my sanity and our family balance to just let some things go.   I’ll come right out and say that the cleanliness of my bathrooms might be one of them.  But I believe there are definitely many times in our lives (the first trimester, births, deaths, moving, the last trimester,  remodeling, loss of jobs, illnesses, a rough marriage spell, or any depressing or tough time) that I think we need to say let it go to certain things and cut back to just focusing on some of the basics!   It’s at times like these when I think us as mom’s need to remember what’s NOT important.  For me, it’s things like:

1. My picture perfect home.  I have in my mind and I see on pinterest this amazing vision of what my home can be, but then I step into reality and think, people actually live in my home.  Am I supposed to have everyone walk on their tiptoes so they don’t mess up our Martha Stewart looks?  NO, homes are to be lived in.  And heaven forbid someone stop by unexpectedly and my home is a mess!  Maybe it will at least make them feel like they can let it go a little bit when they need to.

2. My style.  Well, I don’t really have a ton of style anyways but I am at my best when I try to look decent at the beginning of the day and then don’t look in the mirror again until I’m washing my face off at the end.  Am I sometimes shocked at what the day turned me into, yes, but really I have more time and a better day when I’m not so worried about what I look like.

3. My boys style.  Now, I have a thing about matching.  I would never wear black and brown together.  I have a hard time mixing certain colors and I will admit that I don’t often give my boys that chance to dress themselves.  Sorry!  But, over these past few chaotic weeks, I’ve realized that THEY DON’T CARE what they wear or if their hair is done.  So why should I stress too much over it?  That’s not to say I don’t bath and help them try to dress in something nice, but  if my little guy wants to wear a monkey beanie and gloves to the grocery store in 100 degree weather, let him!  Hopefully other parents will just nod and smile because they’ve been there and it’s definitely not worth the battle!

4. Lastly, I’ve given up some of my social media time.  I love knowing what everyone is doing, but when things get crazy I’ve realized that the most important things in my life are those that I can actually walk over and talk to.

I think that there are  things that we would be better off letting go of, even in times of peace and calm.  Some things are just not that important, and there are so many great things we can be doing with our families, why waste!  So when you need to “let it go” what have you found that is just not actually as important as you originally thought?

:) Brittany