I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the need to raise self-sufficient children.  I think part of it sprung from the fact that the other day my two boys were playing together for almost an hour and not once did they ask me for anything or even really glance my way.   I kind of had a sad mommy moment thinking, “They don’t need me right now,” and then quickly remembered that that is exactly what I’m trying to teach them.  Every day I’m trying to help them progress in their ability to learn and do things themselves.  I try to teach them skills while I’m doing them, like having my oldest fold the wash clothes while I fold the rest of the clothes.  It’s small, but it’s a start!

I have friends who work with adult men who have committed themselves to a rehab program that will help them recover from drug addictions.  One of their main goals is to learn skills that will help them to be marketable in the world.  Many of these boys were just never taught anything growing up, nothing was expected of them, and as a result, they really haven’t done anything.  As they learn skills at this rehab center they are realizing that they can have something to contribute and they are learning that they can be self-sufficient and have control over their own welfare and ultimately their own happiness.

We are so lucky to live in a country where, with hard work, it’s pretty easy to be self-sufficient.  Opportunity seems to abound for those with the diligence to stick to their dream and pursue their passion, yet, this is not the case in many countries.  Without all the opportunities for education and all the freedoms we have, it’s not always as easy to follow your dreams and make a living.  We were recently contacted by a company called Novica who helps artisans be self-sufficient.  This company takes the work of artisans around the world and has created a website where they can sell their work while having total control over the price, when and what is sold, and even if it goes on sale.  They offer 0% loans to these artisans to help them get their business going and even publish the stories of the artisan behind the work you are buying so you can know who is behind the masterpiece.  Their goal is to “Help Spread Happiness” and I think that is exactly what they are doing; providing others with the chance to help themselves and be self-sufficient.


I received a beautiful sculpture that I chose from a women named Eka.  Eka is from Bali and her husband was a wood carver.  She recently lost him to lung cancer and was left to care for their two small children.  She decided to take over his carving business and makes these beautiful pieces to provide for her family.  She stated, “Even though now I am alone, I always keep my spirit up and go on strong for my children.”  Her beautiful sculpture is even more beautiful to me because I know her story.  It came in this amazing package with a really intricately crafted figure on it.  Definitely made the fact the it was from Bali more legit for me!


Novica has so many amazing artisans and products!  I have truly been impressed with the company and their goal to help people around the world.  Here are a few of the fun things they are featuring right now: