• Pick the players
  • Identify the game
  • Choose a leader
  • Switch

We’ve made a few trips to the dentist and doctor over the last few months and realized that sometimes having a few extra games in your back pocket can go a long ways in keeping the kids occupied, happy, and….waiting.

The last few visits in particular have felt like we had an extremely long wait.  So in honor of all those times you’ve been waiting and your not sure how much longer your kids will last we’ve put together three favorite games to play while you have to wait.

#1 – 30 Seconds Until The End


Each participant has to look in one general direction for 30 seconds.  They try to remember as many things as possible.  After 30 seconds they look away and write down as many things as they can remember.  The “supervisor” keeps track of time and is the judge on which items count and which don’t.

The game can be played just as easy with participants watching at the same time or by taking turns.

#2 – Meet Another


This is a perfect one if there are other people waiting in the waiting room.  All participants huddle and decide who will go first.  Participants take turns picking out a new person in the room to go and meet.  The object is to strike up a conversation and get their name and one special thing about them.

This is a great way to work on your people skills and to get to know other people in the room.  It works just as well if participants take turns playing or if they go at the same time.

#3 – I Spy

I Spy with MY Little Eye

I Spy With My Little Eye – is the perfect game to play while sitting and waiting.  The lead participant decides on an object in the room and then says, “I spy with my little eye something….” And then picks one adjective to describe the object they’ve identified.

All the other players then try to guess the object.  The person who correctly identifies the object then becomes the next I Spy leader.

So the next time you’re tired of waiting around in a waiting room at the doctor or in a dental office – spice up your wait and engage your kids and family into a fun game.

Believe me some fun memories can be created when you put forth some effort and energy in a moment like this. The dentist was so pleased to see playful energy in his clinic that he gave me a month’s supply of whitening strips.