• Plant, water, and watch, along with lots of sunlight.

Family activities are some of the most memorable moments in life. I can remember those long car drives for vacation, the beach days, hiking, camping trips, and even activities in the house like pottery or painting.

With technology where it is, I think families all too often get away from spending valuable time together away from technology. Children escape to their rooms to play video games or fiddle with their iPad while parents often enjoy a little quiet time.

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One activity that I think is overlooked is planting. Personally, I have some of the best memories trying to grow vegetables in my backyard with my mom. In fact, to this day my brothers still call me squash because that was my favorite vegetable to grow! It was something about preparing the ground, planting the seeds, nurturing them, and actually seeing the results that gave me a thrill. Whether we planted indoors or outdoors, it was always a fun activity and learning exercise for me to do with my Mom. For a child, learning to take care of something like a plant can be fantastic for development. It encourages creativity and responsibility, but also teaches the importance of nature and organic goods at a young age.

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One great way to get started planting is with a Seedler. Seedlers are deliverable mason jars that are pre-packed with drainage and organic soil. Your child can then choose a seed to be delivered with it and begin to nurture them when they arrive! It gives children the opportunity to see the whole process – from seed to blooming – while teaching them a few valuable lessons along the way.

From the parents point of view, its a great way to get involved in your children’s development and a fun bonding activity to get introduced to. After about 4-6 weeks, you can even replant the Seedler outdoors and start a full garden with your children.

This leads me to my next fun activity! Outdoor gardening for vegetables

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The last fun activity my family always took part in was growing Pumpkins. Its not exactly easy to grow your own Christmas tree or raise your own turkey for Thanksgiving, however pumpkins are a much more practical option. It is an easy seed to grow and does not take much effort. One of the things I love about growing pumpkins is it can easily become a family tradition – something the kids look forward to every year. I know we did! We knew that once summer/fall time roles around we could get ready to plant and nurture our pumpkins – of course striving to grow the largest one. The best part is, the fun doesn’t end there. Once you and your children are ready to put the pumpkins on your stoop, have a family-carving day. Pick different expressions for each child to carve into the pumpkin and watch them transform into jack-o-lanterns!