Singapore was the perfect baby step into our Asia adventure.  Everyone speaks really good English and everything is labeled with English, all the water is drinkable, there is AC in every building, it is clean and efficient and understandable.  It really is a place like non other.  The culture is really just a mix of all cultures.  Every corner represents a new country.  It is hilarious to hear half of people’s conversation in English and half in their native tough without even a hiccup.

We mainly slept through our 3 days in Singapore.  Tanner started getting a fever on the plane and it hit hard in Singapore.  He slept around the clock the first 2 days and we would take him out for a couple of hours in between naps.  Ester and I explored by ourselves the first day while all 3 boys took a 7 hour nap.  We missed a lot of the sights we had wanted to see.  But still loved our time there.  I tell ya this jet lag is no joke.  It took us a week to feel like we had enough sleep to survive.  Even still we are going to bed at like 5 pm- waking up at 1 am having a party in our hotel for a few hours and then going back to sleep until 7.  It has been a wild ride.  Ester has adapted the best.

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