Our S’s are the things we try to accomplish daily –  Scripture, Singing, Service, Stretching moment, Study

Scriptures- family scripture study before we leave the hotel in the morning- right now we are reading about Alma in the Book of Mormon

Singing- we are trying to incorporate more singing into our daily routine for several reasons:  great reminder of the things we believe in, mommy and daddy want to improve their voices, it bonds a family

Service- this one has been the hardest by far.  Why is it so hard to do daily service?  I am determined to find a way.  We have had to stretch pretty far like bowing to someone or sharing a shell we found.

Stretching moment- My favorite one.  It is to do something hard that you normally wouldn’t do.  This is usually asking for help or trying to say something in a new moment.  Yesterday I let a crab crawl across my hand.  And today Matt is wearing around his elephant pants.

Study- Ester is keeping a daily journal where she writes 3 sentences and draws a picture.  Tanner practices letters and numbers.  Mom would love to provide daily learning about where we are moments that have turned out to be wrestling matches.  One of Matt’s greatest pleasures in life is reading.  We were hoping to provide as much input time for him as possible.  We are reading at least a book a week to the kids at night.

What we really want to accomplish either through our daily S’s or just in the overall experience of traveling together is growth in our family relationships, growth in our character and strength as a person, growth in our perspective on life and our role in it.

We are feeling so grateful for these moments of growth.  We pray that through doing our S’s we may have increased insight, gentleness with each other and strength to persevere in these 100 days of growth.