I find myself both obsessed with the idea of worldschooling and skeptical.  In theory I believe that real experience has so much more of an impact in a child’s life than sitting in a classroom and listening to a lecture.  In the last 5 years I have wetted a thirst for new experiences.  We seek them out and grab them when the opportunity presents.  I feel my mind and understanding have exploded in doing so.  But here we are in beautiful Southern Thailand and my kids are growing wild, undisciplined, pouty, and impatient.  There is not much schooling going on because they can hardly sit and concentrate on anything.  Instead they are whining that they are too hot and bored.  So I tell myself that I need to change my expectations of what schooling is.  It is learning on the go by experience and not sitting in a chair writing an essay.  But Ester does need to be reading and writing.  Or I think that we need more of a routine, which is true but hard to maintain when you are traveling to a new place every few days.

We try to learn on the go and no doubt that is happening without any additional effort.  But when we try to tell the kids the meaning behind Buddhism or the Naga dragon or meaning of words or the history of Thai people it is like permission for a wrestling match to ensue.   In an ideal world they would sit and listen, write the things they learn in a journal and have a blast playing on the beach while 50 Thai ladies poke and squeeze and adore them.  What is so hard about that?  How is this suppose to work?

And how does anyone have time to blog while traveling with 3 small kids?  All of this seems unrealistic at the moment.