Brittany Thompson

I grew up in Southern California in a family that loved to play and loved to laugh.  When we came home from school my mom always had different activities for us to do whether we were making our own bubbles, cooking up snacks, singing on curling irons, or catching lady bugs.  I always remember having fun and my mom was behind it all.  Now that I’m a mom I hope to be just like her!

I went to college at Brigham Young University and studied Recreational Therapy.  I fell in love with my major and continue to enjoy finding ways I can use recreation to help strengthen families, teach lessons, and ultimately have a blast!  In 2008 I published Play Together Stay Together:  Games That Fortify the Family.

As a Recreational Therapist, I have worked with women with eating disorders, seniors in a skilled nursing facility, adults with various mental and physical disabilities, and teenage girls in a residential treatment center.  I have loved my work and am currently doing the best work of all…Motherhood.  My husband and I had our first little boy last year and I couldn’t be happier finding games to play with my little guy all day!

Brittany McEwen Thompson, Montana Thompson, and BeckettMy husband and I love biking, swimming, snowboarding, playing Blockus, competing against each other in anything that can be won, and laughing at just about anything.  I love cooking, sewing, decorating, writing, playing, trying new things, skydiving (ok I’ve only done it once and I’d never do it again, but I’ve done it, had to add it), and planning parties.  My little boy loves to laugh, throw things on the floor and watch us pick them up, eat anything he can find, play peek a boo, and eat the books we are trying to read him.  Together, we just have a whole lot of fun!