Goals: Our S’s

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Our S’s are the things we try to accomplish daily –  Scripture, Singing, Service, Stretching moment, Study Scriptures- family scripture study before we leave the hotel in the… Read More »

World Schooling- How Is This Suppose To Work?

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I find myself both obsessed with the idea of worldschooling and skeptical.  In theory I believe that real experience has so much more of an impact in a… Read More »

Singapore- Where East Meets West

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Singapore was the perfect baby step into our Asia adventure.  Everyone speaks really good English and everything is labeled with English, all the water is drinkable, there is… Read More »

Our Trip To Southeast Asia- And What Led Us Here

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Disclaimer: This is going to be like a journal for me so I am writing from the heart with out worrying about it so please forgive the typo… Read More »

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Growing Plants In Mason Jars As A Family

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Family activities are some of the most memorable moments in life. I can remember those long car drives for vacation, the beach days, hiking, camping trips, and even… Read More »

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Family Games To Play In The Waiting Room

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We’ve made a few trips to the dentist and doctor over the last few months and realized that sometimes having a few extra games in your back pocket… Read More »

Equinox Tradition

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Did you know that today is the last day of summer and tomorrow is the first day of fall? It is called the Equinox- when the daytime and… Read More »